OTOO BV can be your partner for automotive engineering with respect to Automotive Functional Safety ISO26262 to ensure a sufficient and acceptable level of safety is being achieved in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

What is ISO26262?

ISO26262 addresses the needs for an automotive-specific international standard that focuses on safety critical components. ISO26262 is a derivative of the IEC61508, the generic functional safety standard for electrical and electronic (E/E) systems.

ISO26262 provides an automotive safety lifecycle (management, development, production, operation, service, decommissioning) and supports tailoring the necessary activities during these lifecycle phases.

ISO26262 covers functional safety aspects of the entire development process (including such activities as requirements specification, design, implementation, integration, verification, validation, and configuration).

ISO26262 Provides an automotive-specific risk-based approach for determining risk classes (Automotive Safety Integrity Levels, ASILs).

ISO26262 uses ASILs for specifying the item’s necessary safety requirements for achieving an acceptable residual risk.

ISO26262 provides requirements for validation and confirmation measures. .